Zulu king condemns farm murders!

Zulu king condemns farm murders!
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Original article by: The Citizen


Brutal farm murders should not only be condemned by some, but all of us, says Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini.


The king called on government to visit affected communities “to encourage reconciliation”. While delivering his speech at the official opening of the KwaZulu-Natal legislature in Pietermaritzburg, the king said that “if we accept this truth, we would go beyond tolerating each other to embrace each other”.


“If a farmer is killed there should be widespread condemnation of such acts, not only from white farmers, but from all of us because the victim is a South African irrespective of where he comes from,” said the king.


“In short, I am saying let us put a stop to all the glittering functions meant to discuss reconciliation. Let us go to the communities on the ground who are affected to encourage reconciliation.


“I always say that the history of the Zulu nation would not be complete without the history of the Indian communities, and the history of English people, Afrikaners and Germans,” the monarch said.


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