Video | Land was not stolen; legal owners have a right thereto!

Video | Land was not stolen; legal owners have a right thereto!
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SPEECH BY: Philip van Staden, Freedom Front Plus, Gauteng Legislature.

Good day everybody,

The FF Plus’s point of view is that land expropriation without compensation is not acceptable. The FF Plus regards the following as the solution of the land issue:

  • The starting point should be that the land was not stolen; legal owners have a right thereto

  • Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations acknowledges private ownership of land and prohibits the expropriation without compensation thereof. This declaration of which South Africa is a co-signer must be maintained and respected

  • The principle of “willing buyer and willing seller” must be valid with all land reforms

  • The more than 4 000 farms owned by the State that were acquired through land reforms must be made available with title deeds to black owners

  • State-owned land (17 million hectares) must also be made available for land reform

  • Politicians must end making populistic and ideological statements over land, and false accusations against especially white farmers

  • Corrupt officials should be dismissed immediately and replaced with capable officials to finalise the administration of land reform effectively, professionally and rapidly

  • Land reform should be production-driven and not ideological-driven, especially to ensure food security. With the allocation of land, the capabilities of the new owners should be determined to ensure sustainable production. Productive that eventually become contra-productive and goes to ruin cannot be afforded or tolerated.

  • No poor black, white, indian or coloured man will receive any piece of land but only certain politicians in this country will benefit from this admendment.

  • The poor will be getting poorer.

  • We must stand up and say in one voice, No!, to this process.

  • These so called leaders of the people are dividing the people rather than pulling them together and putting everyone’s interest first. They are looking after themselves and do not care about the poor and middle class of this country.

  • We are therefore against the amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution.

I thank you for your time.

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