Video: The ANC’s Nothing & Bullshit!

Video: The ANC’s Nothing & Bullshit!
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Parliament | First Reading Debate – Appropriation Bill – 2017

Speech: Adv. Anton Alberts | Freedom Front Plus, National Chairman.


Agbare Speaker,

Minister, after all of the exhilarating events of the past few months we are now at the irrationally exuberant place you can only feel when you stand at the precipice of a cliff withhout any ropes, harnesses or even a parachute. So what is left to be said when a man is about to jump off the fiscal cliff taking a country and every poor soul with him? Even worse, what do you say after he actually jumped?


I searched high and low and at last found a book with all of the answers; an exciting new book called “Reasons to vote ANC”. You should read it Minister. There are some interesting notes that I wish to highlight. On page 18 you will find interesting notes about nothing. If you turn to page 66 you will find explanations about nothing. The reasons to vote ANC reaches its crescendo on page 200 where you will find absolutely nothing. It is a riveting read as it closely approximates the promises kept by the ANC with the slight difference that the book actually exhibits more content than the achievements of the ANC-government.


Duidelik is daar nie veel wat mens kan byvoeg tot hierdie studie nie. Dit is in elk geval seker dat wat ookal die opposisie sê nie ernstig opgeneem sal word nie. Ons kan kom met ernstige bydraes oor ekonomiese ontwikkeling, fiskale beleid en werkskepping vir al die armes in die land. Maar ons het besef ons sal ons asem mors. Dit bring my dan by nog ‘n boek wat ek ‘n paar jaar gelede ontdek het. Ek het al daarvan vergeet tot ek die wonderlike verduidelikings van die agbare president gehoor het dat die afdanking van ministers Nene en Gordhan nie ‘n effek op die markte gehad het nie; dat in effek die ANC sy hande in onskuld kan was oor die stand van ons ekonomie. Bell Pottinger sê so, en wie kan nou met hulle stry?


So back to the second book of importance: It is clear that whatever truths we pronounce today, the President’s men and women are afoot on their own chosen path of plunder and pleasure and we will not sway them in this debate.


It is thus appropriate to introduce the seminal work of Professor Harry Frankfurt of Princeton University, a NY Times bestseller, titled “On Bullshit”. He philosophically explains that bullshit is worse than mere lies as at least a liar realizes that he or she is setting themselves up against the truth. A bullshitter on the other hand pays no attention to the truth at all. It is immaterial. Such a person or organization will for instance continue to believe that all White people control the economy while the facts expose this as patently false; they will believe that firing a highly regarded Minister of Finance will not harm the economy, they will believe that a down-grade to junk status happened before they were appointed when in fact the ratings agency itself differs with this version, they will believe that they can claw themselves out of this hole by way of Harry Potter Bell Pottinger magical incantations of “radical economic transformation”, and they actually believe that they will rule forever, like Greek gods or superheroes from Marvel comics.


Die tragiese hiervan is dat, ten spyte van al die waarskuwings wat opgaan, selfs dié in julle eie midde, julle nie sal luister nie want julle is so vol van julle eie planne en ander dinge. Daarom is ‘n leë boek aan julle gewy, daarom is julle lewende bewyse van Professor Frankfurt se tesis en daarom is julle gedoem om te ervaar wat met soveel ander regerings gebeur het wat gedink het hulle sal vir ewig regeer…


….so learn from history and become wise, or accept the fate hat President Zuma is merely the Pastor presiding over the ANC’s funeral.

Dankie Speaker.


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