South Africa | FARM MURDERS from 1994 to 1995!

South Africa | FARM MURDERS from 1994 to 1995!
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South Africa | The Freedom Fronts Plus provincial youth leader for Gauteng in South Africa Mr. Jean Kriek, has taken to Twitter with the help of statistics by the Transvaal Agricultural Union to show the world the epidemic called Farm Murders by tweeting every single farm murder in the country from 1997 to present day.


Freedom Front Plus Provincial Youth Leader For Gauteng, Mr. Jean Kriek

“Its one thing to hear a total number of deaths, its another thing to see the lives connected to that total number of deaths. Lives that were taken in a majority of these murders with extreme violence and hate towards a minority group whom are the victims of dangerous political rhetoric by prominent figures like Mr. Julius Malema (EFF) and the President of the country Mr. Jacob Zuma (ANC).


“Statements by these men and other ruling government officials include hate filled songs like ‘Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer’ and statements that ‘whites stole the land’ and that ‘Whites should be exterminated like Hitler did to the Jews,” Kriek said.


Since the advent of South Africa’s democracy in 1994 commercial farmers numbers has decreased from 60 000 in 1994 to 37 000 in the  country. These 37 000 farmers provides the country with 95% of its food according to Doctor Pieter Mulder, the former Deputy Minister of Agriculture.


This dwindling statistic is due to land reform policies and an extreme farmer death rate of 130 per 100 000 in the country.


With the South African police service mortality rate at 52 per 100 000 it is 3-times more dangerous to be a farmer in the country then a law enforcement officer according to Professor Johan Burger from the South African Institute for Race Relations.


“When bankers are killed at a disproportionate rate as a demographic its not just another murder, its obviously a targeted assault on bankers. In the same way Farm murders cant be explained away as just another murder statistic in the country,


“Farmers are killed at a disproportionate rate and it needs to be escalated to a priority crime status by the South African government to combat these brutal and violent killings of epidemic proportions against our farming community,


“My hope by tweeting these murders is that every person that cares, retweets these farmers stories and that it creates world wide awareness for an injustice that has been allowed to continue for far too long.” Kriek stated.


The Following Farm Murders took place from 1994 to 1995:




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