Officials and councillors owe Mogale City almost R1 million!

Officials and councillors owe Mogale City almost R1 million!
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Mogale City is stumbling under the weight of its debts and in the process to recuperate outstanding debts on municipal services.  Residents with outstanding accounts are being cut off on a daily basis.  It was however, a shock to discover the insane amount of almost R1 million owed to Mogale City by staff and councillors on their municipal accounts, says Amanda de Lange, Freedom Front Plus councillor for Mogale City.


“Amounts owed by twenty-six staff members varies from R30 000, R23 000 and R43 581.  It is, however, the immense debt list of city councillors that blows the mind.  Amounts of R44 115, R96 319 and a staggering R430 677 owed by an ANC member of the Mayoral Committee.


“Councillors alone owes Mogale City R643 397.  Together with outstanding debt from staff members, Mogale City is owed almost a million rand out of pocket by its own employees.  It is clear that some of these debts have incurred over a period of time and in direct contravention with the Municipal Systems Act, Code of Conduct for Councillors, sec 12A as well as the Code of Conduct for Municipal Staff Members, sec 10, that neither councillors or staff may be in arrears to the municipality for rates and service charges for a period longer than three months.


“For a Member of the Mayoral Committee to be R430 677 in arears does not happen overnight, as well as the rest of the excessive amounts owed by others. Judging by the decline in the financial status of Mogale City and the careless and irregular manner in which municipal funds are treated, the future looks bleak for this municipality.


“Mogale City is at the mercy of the ANC politicians and the plundering and irregular expenditure is at the expense of residents of this town.


“It is time for the ANC to clean their ‘house’ and exercise the ‘consequence management’ they preach.  Councillors owning this kind of money for services implies that they get preferential treatment together with large salaries whilst the average resident in Mogale City struggles to make ends mead.  It is matters like these that undermines the integrity of councillors.


“The Freedom Front Plus will investigate the matter and take the necessary actions to see sound financial management exercised.  No preferential treatment of individuals and political parties can be tolerated, says De Lange.


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