Letter: “We should be seeing vegetable gardens” – Dave Ntozakhele Zizi

Letter: “We should be seeing vegetable gardens” – Dave Ntozakhele Zizi
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Letter by: Dave Ntozakhele Zizi | Facebook


If only the people who want to take back “stolen land” would first ask themselves what will they do with land without the buildings, water, electricity equipment and staff, because if the current owners sold every piece of equipment cancelled the water, electricity supply and retrenched the staff as well as demolished the buildings, burned or chopped up the vineyard or plantations and left!


Mr. Dave Ntozakhele Zizi | Facebook

Then what, will they demand that they be arrested for “destruction of stolen property” because in real terms if they were serious about land, rural areas would be flourishing with successful black land owners in villages.


The problem with the call for land is more about housing in the suburbs, again if they were serious about housing land they would put more effort into the legal informal settlements there are around the country, we should be seeing vegetable gardens to prove they CAN work the little land they have at their disposal.


Its pure foolishness to invade land irrespective of where it is or its flood dangers (Cape Town) or even dolomite (especially in Joburg), chance of those areas qualifying for infrastructure or have transport, are all factors that those who encourage vacant land invasion should look at.


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