Letter: “Race card doesn’t work anymore ANC!” – Siphe Ndaba

Letter: “Race card doesn’t work anymore ANC!” – Siphe Ndaba
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Letter by: Siphe Amandla Ndaba | Facebook


U failed and got all of us in deep s#@t and u must start looking for the nearest door to exit what’s left of the power u currently have. We are judged badly as black people because of what u do or don’t do. Futseg bafethu. #ANCMustReallyFall


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Mr. Siphe Amandla Ndaba | Facebook

1. People – Not voting for ANC doesn’t mean voting for DA.


2. ANC’s failure is not Black people’s failure.


3. It’s not ANC money from Luthuli House that built whatever u are going to tell us about ANC loyalists, be it grants or roads, it’s our, OUR TAX.


4. When we say ANC government fails it means given the money they have through tax, what they providing is way below minimum, Basically mediocre, robbery, below average performance so to speak.


5. ANC did not liberate South Africa, people who were in South Africa not in exile, did. See what I did there?


6. Appointments of people who ran away to exile into strategic posts of government was anyway an inevitable failure. People who turned with the sun for 20 odd years and stay home moms could in no way have ran anything in government successfully, hence sleeping in Parly before the EFF.


7. ANC is black government we agree but ANC did not appoint skilled black people to work for this country, so refrain from labeling ANC’s failure as black people’s failure, we are different.


8. Lastly, we unapologetic about wanting the land back and inclusive economy and until White peoples join us in this fight we will slowly understand each other.


While we on this point white people, raising your voice means a lot to us but it should not be selective. Raise your voice even for things that are far from u like the lack of delivery of basic services in townships, poverty and so forth. Not only when #ZumaMustFall.


Perfect example #FeesMustFall protest demonstrated what unity can achieve for this country.


May we unite and all do what’s best for the country not just our races.


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