Letter: “ANC government is manipulating us!” – Madoda KaNkwali

Letter: “ANC government is manipulating us!” – Madoda KaNkwali
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Letter by: Madoda J. Dada KaNkwali | Facebook


I am so relieved…I kept on thinking I am the only one who does not agree with this proposed land grabbing fiasco. Not every white person that owns land got it free if it was really free from the first place.


Mr. Madoda KaNkwali | Facebook

Lets not confuse the issues here, the bad treatment some farmers give to their employees and  farm attacks which I think only recently started that’s being fueled by this land grabbing rubbish are the issues we are supposed to discuss.


Government needs to stop farm attacks and have the law deal harshly with farmers that treat their employees like animals.


How many farms that were given to blacks through land distribution already, has turned into nothing?


Land becomes valuable after you have spent money on it, the truth is us blacks do not really care about agriculture which is why the Minster of Agriculture has been going to black schools and encouraging the learners to take agriculture.


The reason for not caring is because of the negative perception we have about the farmers, not the farming.


How many blacks that own mines, after you grabbed the mine…. will know what to do with it?


Development companies spend millions to buy and develop land for housing and so forth, the truth is we are under-capacitance in all aspects.


There is a new breed of both black and white coming up.


This is the breed that will not look at colour but at academics and merit.


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