“HRC must act after Ekurhuleni mayor’s statements!” – FF Plus

“HRC must act after Ekurhuleni mayor’s statements!” – FF Plus
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The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) councilor for Ekurhuleni, Jennifer Rautenbach says that threats made by the African National Congress (ANC) mayor of Ekurhuleni, Mzwandile Masina on Monday the 10th of April, at the commemoration of Chris Hani’s death, were racist, offensive and threatening in nature, targeting white people and the Human Rights Commission (HRC) was asked to investigate.


According to a news24’s report, Masina’s threat was aimed at white South Africans and the organization known as SaveSA.


Amongst other comments Masina said the following during his speech:


“It might be very rough and we are many, this is not a threat, we are many (and) it might be very rough.”


“It is very important that we send a very, very strong warning that… we will crush any individual who stand (in the way of) the project of nation building and social cohesion in South Africa.”


“I want to say to our white counterparts in South Africa, they must be very careful…”


Cllr. Rautenbach says that these statements are extremely worrying and the impression it creates is that whites can be seriously hurt if they disagree with anything the ANC government is doing.


She says that Masina’s comments cause racial friction and division, the comments are extremely ominous in a country where the state president, Jacob Zuma has already created a climate of racial tension with his own divisive statements.


“The FF Plus sees this matter in a very serious light. If it continues unhindered, it can have serious consequences for everyone in the country. The party therefore requests the HRC to thoroughly investigate these statements and to act strictly to alleviate this growing trend,” Cllr. Rautenbach said.


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