Harsher company fines for too-white workplaces!

Harsher company fines for too-white workplaces!
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Original article | TimesLive


The African National Congress (ANC) Minister of Labour, Mildred Oliphant, is considering asking President Jacob Zuma to implement heavier penalties for companies that do not, swiftly apply black empowerment in too-white workplaces.


This comes after the annual report of the commission was launched to look at equality in the workplace.


It claims that the majority of top management posts are still filled by white men at 69%, while blacks occupy 14.4% of those posts, with Indians at 4.9% and Coloureds at 3.4%.


Although labour experts have significant questions around the figures, it is enough for the minister to ask for higher penalties for institutions that remain white, because the report shows a “painfully slow pace of transformation in South Africa, African labour market, and a lack of appetite for transformation,” according to Minister Oliphant.


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