Farm Murder hate speech shocks: FF Plus GP Youth opens case with HRC!

Farm Murder hate speech shocks: FF Plus GP Youth opens case with HRC!
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The leader of the Freedom Front Plus Youth in Gauteng, Mr. Jean Kriek opened a case with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) on Thursday against Mr. Makate Rapulana for hate speech and inciting the killing of farmers on Facebook.


Facebook screen-shot taken by Jean Kriek, FF Plus youth leader for Gauteng. (Click to enlarge)

Rapulana said that farmers being killed in South Africa is “karma”. Also: “I am for the killing of farmers… I support anyone who kills a farmer”.


Kriek says this kind of behaviour and comments are unacceptable in any civilised society and inciting and celebrating the death of a farmer is sick and inhumane.


“Rapulana’s comments are the result of an example of violent rhetoric against white farmers set by political leaders such as president Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema, leader of the EFF, who claims that whites killed blacks to steal the land of the country.


“Rapulana’s comments get even more sinister when he writes: “Believe me I have looked too many a farmer in the eye and I was not the one splattered on the front pages of tabloids the next day”. This implies that he could have been involved in the killing of farmers.


“This admission definitely warrants a thorough investigation. We will thus also be opening a case with the South African Police Service to investigate,” Kriek said.


Rapulana has since removed his comments from Facebook, but not before multiple screen-shots was taken of his statement.


Complaint - Makate Rapulana - Hatespeech - SAHRC - 23 February 2017


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