Eskom: Trade unions holding South Africa hostage

Eskom: Trade unions holding South Africa hostage
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ISSUED BY: Adv Anton Alberts, Freedom Front Plus, National Chairman

Countrywide power outages prove that the ANC is standing by powerless while South Africa and its citizens are being held hostage by trade unions that are willing to destroy the country’s economy for their own gain.

At this stage, the picture looks dark in all respects with threats of a countrywide strike that will affect the power supply of the entire country if trade unions’ demands are not met.

The ANC is to blame for this crisis because they allowed trade unions to become too powerful for the sake of political support. The problem is also made worse by widespread corruption, fraud and mismanagement at the electricity supplier that has fallen victim to the norm of state capture in South Africa.

At present, Eskom’s income is less than its outstanding debt and one of the biggest reasons for this is municipalities’ outstanding debt to Eskom, which is characteristic of the disastrous effects of Affirmative Action (AA) and the consequent incompetence.

The FF Plus is calling on the public to make an effort to become increasingly self-sufficient with regard to electricity. The country is fast heading to the edge of a fiscal cliff. Only a strong coalition government, of which the FF Plus is a member advocating for the free market, elected by means of tax payers’ votes can save South Africa.

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