BLF Celebrates Truck Driver Who Rammed Into White Protesters!

BLF Celebrates Truck Driver Who Rammed Into White Protesters!
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South Africa | The National coordinating committee of the Black First Land First (BLF) movement praised the truck driver that accidently drove through protestors on the N4 highway outside Middelburg, Mpumalanga.


South Africans gathered together to mourn and demand action from the South African government regarding the horrific and disproportionate killings of farmers in the country on what they called #BlackMonday.


In an official media release the BLF acknowledged the horrific incident as a revolutionary act.


“(We acknowledge) the revolutionary act of the truck driver who… rammed into a settler colonialist racist protest of Afriforum, Democratic Alliance (DA) and white monopoly capital.”


“Such an act shows that our people will not fold their arms when those who stole our land look down upon us, abuse us and undermine our very existence.”


“The truck driver’s actions, intension not withstanding, are revolutionary in themself.”


“We salute the driver and insist that he must be protected, he was just doing the work of God,” the official BLF media release concluded.


Three of the stop farm murder protestors were injured during this tragic accident, two of them were in serious condition and was rushed to the local hospital for medical attention.


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